List of Characters

1. Rose – our heroine – herbalist and adventurer, five feet tall with golden brown hair with red highlights, she is the youngest of 6 sisters with the same father but she has a different mother
2. Prince Brendan – keeps getting turned into other beings because he can’t control his wandering ways, currently a dog, pledged to protect Rose’s life, has black hair, was spelled into being an Old Hag from The Wooded Glen for 5 generations
3a. Sienna – Rose’s oldest sister, auburn haired, currently a dog, craves to be a witch and queen, turned Prince Brenden into his current dog state, promised her first born to the Witch of Spawn Hallow for a strong magical spell
3b. Scarlet – Rose’s second sister, bright red hair, currently a milk cow
3c. Poppy – Rose’s third sister, orange hair, likes looking at her reflection in shiny objects, currently a milk cow
3d. Phoenix – Rose’s fourth sister, has a fiery temper and loud, currently a milk cow
3e. Flann – Rose’s youngest sister, smallest in size, currently a milk cow
4. Ma-sha – witch, Rose’s self-proclaimed protector, turns people into other beings when they displease her
5. Brogan – amanuensis to Emperor Emyr and our chronicler
6. Fish – a magical fish, currently a fish, sent Rose magically to the castle
7. Cook – ruler of the kitchen at the castle and Rose’s current employer
8. Huard – Cook’s errand and scullery boy, plucks the feathers from the dead geese, Rose’s guide around the castle’s bailey, can hear but doesn’t talk
9. Marg – pastry cook, Rose’s new friend
10. Bea – soup and stew cook, Rose’s new friend
11. Witch of Spawn Hallow – gave Sienna a magic spell to seduce Prince Brendan (has not appeared yet)
12.. Prince Otho – relative of Prince Brendan (actually a descendant) after Rose, son of Emperor Galba
13. Didius – Prince Otho’s henchman (has not appeared yet)
14. Emperor Galba – relative of Prince Brendan (actually a descendant) current ruler and owner of the castle (has not appeared yet)
15. Eoghunn (pronounced Egan) - A knight to Emperor Galba. Part of Prince Otho's retinue. Blue eyes. Leather boots. Responsible. Older brother to Peredur.
16. Peredur - A knight to Emperor Galba. Part of Prince Otho's retinue. Younger brother to Eoghunn.
17. Hanna - Huard's sister. She works in the pantry.